Soft Neo

  • Discmania Soft Neo Spore


    Why We Like the Discmania Soft Neo Spore

    Versatility on and Off the Course

    Designed for enjoyment and practicality, the Soft Neo Spore excels in multiple scenarios, from playful catches to competitive upshots, providing an all-around disc suitable for players of all levels.

    Enhanced Material for Better Grip

    The gummier composition of Soft Neo plastic not only improves the disc’s grip for throws but also makes catching more comfortable, reducing the chance of skips and bounces upon landing.

    Perfect Warm-Up Tool

    Many players have found playing catch with the Soft Neo Spore to be one of the best ways to fine-tune their throws before a round, thanks to its predictable flight and soft grip​​​​.

    The Discmania Soft Neo Spore is more than just a disc; it’s a versatile companion that brings fun, functionality, and finesse to your disc golf game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the sport, the Soft Neo Spore is sure to be a valuable addition to your disc collection.