FullFlight is a premium online and brick-and-mortar shop for disc golf enthusiasts, offering an extensive range of high-quality disc golf products. Our mission is to cater to players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. At FullFlight, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive selection, which includes a wide variety of disc names, flight numbers, plastic types, and categories.

Our product line is carefully curated to enhance your disc golf experience. We offer everything from the dependable ‘Clash Discs Softy Candy‘ for everyday precision throws to special discs meant for professionals, like the Simon Line Neutron Time-Lapse Special Edition. Our commitment to quality and performance is evident in every product we offer.

At FullFlight, we understand the passion and dedication of disc golf players. We strive to support your journey in the sport by providing top-notch equipment that can help improve your game. Whether you’re looking for a disc with specific flight characteristics or need advice on the best equipment for your level, FullFlight is here to assist you.

We are a team of 11, coming from Finland and Sweden, where Disc Golf is a huge sport, it is the 4’th largest sport among the youth (11-15 years). But let’s not stop there (here), as the sport grows larger and more southwards from our Nordic countries, we want to be your trusted disc golf shop on the whole European continent.

Our Mission, Passion, and Purpose

We want to help you choose the right discs to become a better disc golfer or enjoy the sport even more.

Part of the FullFlight Crew


We are a group of friends and family members who share a passion for disc golf. We love everything about this sport, from the feeling when the disc leaves the hand, to the pleasant sound of the chains clinking. However, we noticed that purchasing the necessary equipment was often unnecessarily complicated.

We decided that we wanted to aim to offer a better and simpler experience, and so our journey began.

We pooled our resources and established our disc golf online store. We wanted to make it easy for other enthusiasts of the sport to find the equipment they need for disc golfing. We carefully selected a high-quality range of discs, bags, baskets, and other accessories for our site.

Our goal is to create a store for all disc golfers, where they can find all the necessary equipment for the sport. We hope that you can get your discs to make the perfect FullFlight. We are working hard to create a user-friendly website with clear and concise descriptions of each product. We have also created a blog where we share our knowledge and tips about the sport.

We want to offer a personal touch to the shopping experience and ensure that you can trust the quality of our products.

As our business grows, we want to give back to the disc golf community. By sponsoring local competitions and events, or even organizing our own tournaments (Like the highly popular FullFlight Open (Larsmo & Laajalahti) where we launced FullFlight with a bang! We are also looking for young talents who could become the next superstars of the sport in the whole of Europe. We want to help the sport grow and create opportunities for people to come together and enjoy the hobby.

Today we launched our online store and hope that it will become known in the disc golf world as a reliable partner, with high-quality and friendly service. We continue to work hard to improve our site and add new products while staying true to our original vision of making acquiring disc golf products easier and a more enjoyable experience.

Daniel, Jonathan, Herman, Robin, Benjamin D, Johannes, Benjamin S, Tobias, Alexander, Robert, and Miro

About the company

The company behind FullFlight is Discgolfbase Ab Oy, registered in Finland. The company ID is: 3325102-5 and the VAT number is FI33251025. Our address is: Purotie 13, 68600 Pietarsaari, Finland.
To contact FullFlight: Use the email address daniel@fullflightstore.com or phone number +358 505 438 168
FullFlight.store and other Fullflight marketing domains in the EU are owned by DiscGolfbase Ab Oy.