• Prodigy 500 Airborn Stryder


    Why we like Prodigy Disc 500 Airborn Stryder Proto Stamp

    • Exceptional Flight Control: Offers a blend of speed and stability for precise drives.
    • Durable and Grippy: Made with high-quality 500 plastic for enduring performance.
    • Collectible Design: Features a unique Proto Stamp, making it a desirable collector’s item.
  • Discraft ESP Swirl Zombee – 2024 Ledgestone Edition

  • Innova Champion Dyed Leopard

  • Discmania Active Base Magician


    Why we like Discmania Active Base Magician

    1. Trusted in All Conditions: Its stable flight characteristics ensure a reliable performance in various playing conditions.
    2. Comfortable for All Players: The smaller rim and Active plastic material make the Magician comfortable and easy to handle for players of all skill levels.
    3. Versatile Fairway Driver: The Magician’s design allows it to excel in both forehand and backhand throws, making it a versatile choice for different play styles.

    In conclusion, the Discmania Active Base Magician is a well-rounded fairway driver, perfect for players looking for a reliable and versatile disc. Its balanced flight numbers and comfortable design make it a valuable addition to any disc golfer’s collection​​​​​

  • Discmania Active Premium Magician


    Discmania Active Premium Magician: A Fairway Driver for All The Discmania Active Premium Magician, formerly known as the Fox Spirit, is a fairway driver that stands out in the Active line of Discmania. It’s a disc that promises reliable performance and versatility, suitable for players of all skill levels. Design and Performance The Magician is…

  • Discmania Glow Premium Magician (Mini)


    This is why we like Limited Edition Glow Active Premium Magician (Mini Stamps)

    • Unique Glowing Feature: Ideal for night play and adds a fun element.
    • Stable and Reliable: Straight flight with minimal turn and consistent fade.
    • Comfortable for All Hand Sizes: Smaller rim and great grip for versatile throws.
  • Latitude 64 Opto Ice Trident

  • Latitude 64 Opto Core

  • Prodigy Ace DuraFlex M Model S

  • Innova Champion Leopard

    17,90 22,20 

    Why we like Innova Champion Leopard

    • Forgiving Flight: Ideal for new players and those working on their accuracy, the Leopard’s stable flight path encourages confidence and growth in your game.
    • Premium Durability: Made with Innova’s Champion plastic, it withstands the test of time and elements, ensuring your disc remains a staple in your bag through seasons.
    • Versatility on the Course: Whether it’s a tight line through trees or an open drive, the Leopard adapts to a multitude of throwing styles and conditions, making it a truly versatile disc.
  • Innova Pro Leopard


    Why we like Innova Pro Leopard

    • Versatile Flight Path: Perfect for players of all skill levels, the Leopard excels in a variety of situations, from tight fairways to controlled anhyzers.
    • Premium Pro Plastic: Offers an exceptional grip and increased durability, ensuring your Leopard remains a staple in your bag for rounds to come.
    • Skill Development: Its forgiving flight characteristics make it an ideal choice for players looking to improve their game and master new throwing techniques.



    1. Versatile Fairway Driver: Perfect for a wide range of shots, from straight lines to gentle curves.
    2. User-Friendly for All Skill Levels: Its balanced flight characteristics make it suitable for both beginners and pros.
    3. Durable Star Plastic: Ensures longevity and consistent performance, making it a valuable addition to any disc golf bag.
  • Innova GStar Leopard


    Why We Like Innova GStar Leopard

    • Versatile Fairway Driver: Suitable for players of all skill levels, perfect for achieving straight and controlled flights.
    • Exceptional Grip and Durability: Made from Innova’s GStar plastic, it offers a great feel and withstands frequent use.
    • Beginner-Friendly yet Reliable for Advanced Players: Easy to throw with predictable flight patterns, making it a valuable addition to any disc golfer’s bag.

    This disc is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their game and enjoy the sport of disc golf. ​

  • Kastaplast K1 KAXE


    Why We Like Kastaplast K1 KAXE

    1. Reliable Stability: The KAXE’s balanced flight ratings ensure stable and predictable flights, making it a trustworthy choice for critical shots.
    2. Exceptional Durability: Made from Kastaplast’s premium K1 plastic, the KAXE is resilient and maintains its performance characteristics over time.
    3. Versatile Performance: Whether you need a controlled approach shot or a dependable midrange driver, the KAXE is versatile enough to handle various situations on the course.

    The Kastaplast K1 KAXE is a must-have in every disc golfer’s bag, offering a combination of durability, reliability, and versatility. Whether you’re playing a casual round or competing in a tournament, the KAXE is a disc that won’t let you down.