• Discraft Z Swirl Anax – 2024 Ledgestone Edition


    Why We Like Discraft Z Swirl Anax – 2024 Ledgestone Edition

    • Exceptional Stability and Control: Designed by Paul McBeth, offering reliable overstable performance for long hyzers and forehand throws.
    • Durable Z Swirl Plastic: Premium plastic blend provides excellent durability, grip, and vibrant color patterns.
    • Limited Edition Collectibility: Part of the exclusive 2024 Ledgestone Edition, making it a must-have for collectors and serious players.

    These detailed descriptions and concise bullet points should effectively highlight the unique features and benefits of the Discraft Z Swirl Anax, making it an appealing choice for disc golf enthusiasts.

  • Discraft Jawbreaker Z FLX Vulture Holyn Handley (Tour Series 2024)


    Why We Like the Jawbreaker Z FLX Vulture Holyn Handley (Tour Series 2024)

    Superior Material Blend

    • Jawbreaker and Z FLX Plastic: Offers a durable, flexible, and grip-enhancing composition suitable for all weather conditions.

    High-Performance Flight Characteristics

    • Optimized Flight Numbers: Speed 10, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 2, perfect for versatile and controlled fairway drives.

    Unique and Collectible Design

    • Exclusive Tour Series Stamp: Featuring Holyn Handley’s signature, making it a prized addition for collectors and fans alike.

    The Jawbreaker Z FLX Vulture Holyn Handley Tour Series 2024 disc is a top choice for disc golfers seeking performance, durability, and style. Whether you’re aiming for precision on the fairway or looking to expand your collection with a high-quality, professional-endorsed disc, this Vulture delivers on all fronts.

  • Prodigy H3 V2 500


    Why we like the Prodigy H3 V2 500

    • Dynamic Versatility: Excellent for bridging the gap between fairway and distance drivers, providing flexibility in shot selection.
    • Premium Durability and Grip: Constructed from 500 series plastic for a lasting, reliable performance in all conditions.
    • Optimized Flight Path: Suitable for a wide range of throwing styles, offering both distance and accuracy with a manageable fade.
  • Prodigy 400 H4 V2


    Why we like Prodigy H4 V2 400

    • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality 400 Plastic for longevity and a reliable grip.
    • Predictable and Versatile: Excellent for a wide range of shots, accommodating different power levels and styles.
    • Enhanced Design: Improved ergonomics for a better hold and more efficient flight dynamics.
  • Prodigy AIR H4 V2


    Why we like Prodigy H4 V2 Air

    • Innovative Lightweight Material: The Air Plastic offers a lighter weight that enhances distance and control.
    • Versatile Flight Performance: Ideal for a variety of shots, accommodating different playing styles and conditions.
    • Accessible to All Players: Suitable for both new and experienced players, enhancing skills and enjoyment of the game.
  • Prodigy Ace ProFlex F Model S


    Why we like Ace ProFlex F Model S

    • Exceptional Durability: Made with high-quality ProFlex plastic that withstands frequent use and maintains performance.
    • Stable and Predictable Flight: Provides an excellent balance of speed and control, ideal for accurate, consistent throws.
    • Adaptable for Multiple Play Styles: Its flight characteristics make it suitable for a variety of shots, enhancing its value to any disc golfer’s bag.

    The Ace ProFlex F Model S represents a fusion of performance, durability, and versatility. This fairway driver is designed to meet the demands of modern disc golf, providing players with the confidence to tackle any course. Whether you’re playing a casual round with friends or competing in a tournament, the F Model S is engineered to improve your performance and help you play your best.

  • Discmania S-Line TD


    Why We Like the S-Line TD

    1. Versatile Flight Path: With flight numbers of 10 Speed, 5 Glide, -2 Turn, and 1 Fade, the S-Line TD offers a blend of distance and control suitable for a variety of playing styles and conditions.
    2. Exceptional Design: Crafted in Discmania’s Swedish facility, the S-Line TD combines the best elements of previous models, offering a disc that is both consistent in flight and comfortable to grip.
    3. Premium Quality Plastic: The S-Line TD’s use of Discmania’s top-tier S-Line plastic guarantees not only superior grip and weather resistance but also a disc that ages gracefully, retaining its flight characteristics over time.
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  • Latitude 64 Gold Sapphire


  • Innova pro Beast

  • Innova Star Halo Beast

  • Innova Champion Orc

  • Innova GStar Invictus

  • Placeholder

    Innova DX Glow Beast

  • Innova Star Invictus

  • Innova DX Beast

  • Clash Discs Steady Spice


    Why we like Clash Discs Steady Spice

    • Reliable Stability: Predictable flight path with a stable turn and strong fade, ideal for precision throws.
    • Durable Construction: Made with high-quality STEADY plastic for longevity and consistent performance.
    • Versatile Performance: Excellent for various playing conditions and suitable for both forehand and backhand throws.
  • Discraft ESP Vulture

  • Discraft Big Z Vulture

  • Discmania C-line PD


    Why we like Discmania C-Line PD

    1. Versatile and Reliable: Perfect for a wide range of playing conditions and styles, making it a go-to disc in any golfer’s bag.
    2. Durable C-Line Plastic: Ensures long-lasting performance and maintains flight characteristics over time.
    3. Balanced Flight Numbers: Offers a great combination of speed, glide, turn, and fade, suitable for various throws and strategies.
  • Discmania S-Line PD


    Why We Like Discmania S-Line PD

    1. Reliable Performance in All Conditions: Its consistent flight path makes it a trustworthy choice for various playing conditions.
    2. High-Quality Material: The S-Line plastic not only offers great grip and durability but also enhances the overall flight performance.
    3. Versatile for All Skill Levels: From advanced players to beginners, the S-Line PD serves as a versatile driver, accommodating a wide range of throwing styles and conditions.
  • Discmania Nordic Phenom – Niklas Anttila Signature Series Special Blend S-line PD


    Why We Like Discmania Nordic Phenom Niklas Anttila Signature Series S-Line PD

    1. Enhanced Grip and Durability: The special blend plastic ensures a firm grip and longevity, making it a reliable choice in various weather conditions.
    2. Superior Flight Performance: With its balanced flight numbers, this disc offers a blend of distance, control, and stability, suitable for both advanced players and beginners.
    3. Signature Series Excellence: Endorsed by Niklas Anttila, this disc represents the pinnacle of disc golf technology, combining aesthetic appeal with top-tier performance.
  • Latitude 64 Opto-X Musket – Happy Skull

  • Discraft Z line AvengerSS

  • Latitude 64 Opto Musket

  • Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Sapphire – Inverted Stamp

  • Latitude 64 Gold musket


    Why We Like the Latitude 64 Gold Musket

    1. Versatile Fairway Driver: Perfect for a wide range of shots, from straight lines to gentle curves.
    2. Premium Quality Material: The Gold Line plastic ensures durability and consistent performance.
    3. Accessible to All Players: Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Musket’s balanced flight makes it a valuable addition to any bag.
  • Prodigy Ace DuraFlex F Model US

  • Prodigy Ace DuraFlex F Model S


    Why We Like Prodigy Disc Ace Duraflex F Model S

    • Stable and Controlled Flight: The F Model S offers a stable flight path, making it a dependable choice for navigating through challenging fairways.
    • Precision Flight Numbers: With its well-calibrated flight numbers, this disc provides a blend of speed, glide, and control, suitable for various playing styles.
    • Duraflex Plastic Durability: The high-quality Duraflex plastic ensures lasting performance and a consistent grip, enhancing the overall playing experience.
  • Westside Discs VIP Fortress


    Why we like Latitude 64 VIP Fortress

    1. Unmatched Stability: The VIP Fortress excels in wind resistance, providing consistent performance regardless of weather conditions.
    2. Versatile Disc: Whether it’s long drives, precise hyzers, or flex shots, this disc can handle it all with ease.
    3. Durable Material: Made with VIP plastic, the Fortress promises lasting performance and reliability in your disc golf adventures.
  • Innova Champion Beast – Barry Schultz


    Why we like Innova Champion Beast

    • Versatile Performance: Suitable for various play styles and conditions, offering a blend of speed and glide for maximum distance.
    • Player-Friendly Design: Ideal for players at all levels, from beginners gaining more distance to pros requiring a reliable driver.
    • Endorsed by a Champion: Barry Schultz’s endorsement adds a level of trust and quality, reflecting the disc’s competitive viability.

    This disc’s unique blend of characteristics, combined with its endorsement by a world-class player like Barry Schultz, makes the Innova Champion Beast a top choice for disc golfers seeking a reliable, versatile distance driver​​​​​​​​​​.

  • Innova Gstar Beast


    Why We Like Innova GStar Beast

    • Exceptional Grip and Feel: The GStar plastic ensures the Beast performs consistently in all weather conditions, offering a secure grip that enhances throwing confidence.
    • Balanced Flight Characteristics: With its optimal blend of speed, glide, and stability, the Beast is designed to achieve maximum distance while maintaining a predictable flight path.
    • Versatility on the Course: Suitable for a wide range of throwing techniques and conditions, the Beast excels in various playing scenarios, making it a must-have for players looking to improve their game.
  • Innova champion invictus


  • Innova Star Beast

  • CLASH DISCS STEADY SPICE – Eric Oakley Tour Series


    Why we like Clash Discs Steady Spice Eric Oakley Tour Series

    • Innovative Design: A result of collaboration with pro player Eric Oakley, offering a blend of speed and overstability for diverse playing conditions.
    • Versatile Performance: Ideal for headwinds and long S-curve shots, it caters to a wide range of throwing styles and techniques.
    • Superior Grip: Made from Steady plastic, it provides a durable yet grippy surface for enhanced control and consistency.

    The Clash Discs Steady Spice Eric Oakley Tour Series is a disc golf marvel that not only exemplifies the art of disc design but also elevates the playing experience for both seasoned players and enthusiastic beginners alike

  • Discraft Big Z Anax

  • Discraft ESP AvengerSS – Paul McBeth Signature

  • Latitude 64 Opto Sapphire