Prodigy 300 Soft PA-5

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Author : Butiken Jakobstad

Why we like Prodigy 300 Soft PA-5

  • Exceptional Grip: The soft yet durable plastic ensures a firm grip and comfortable feel, making it easier to control your putts.
  • Stable Flight Path: Designed for accuracy, the PA-5 flies true to its course, making it ideal for precise upshots and critical putts.
  • Soft Landing: Minimizes skips and bounce-outs, ensuring that your disc stays close to the basket, even on harder throws.

In summary, the Prodigy 300 Soft PA-5 is more than just a putter; it’s a game-enhancing disc that brings reliability and control to your short game. Its combination of soft material, stable flight, and excellent grip makes it a top choice for players looking to improve their accuracy and consistency around the basket.

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Prodigy 300 Soft PA-5: Precision Meets Softness in Every Throw

The Prodigy 300 Soft PA-5 is an exceptional disc golf putter that combines meticulous design with superior handling to elevate the putting game of both amateur and seasoned players. Known for its unique soft yet firm feel, this disc is an ideal choice for players looking for reliable performance under various playing conditions.

Design and Material

The PA-5 model in Prodigy’s 300 Soft plastic offers a unique tactile experience that enhances grip and control, especially in wet or humid conditions. This plastic maintains a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility, allowing the disc to absorb impacts better, which minimizes bounce-outs. The design of the PA-5 features a shallow rim and a flat top, which provides a comfortable grip and a predictable release for putts and upshots.

Flight Characteristics

The flight path of the Prodigy 300 Soft PA-5 is characterized by its stable to slightly understable nature, with flight ratings that suggest a minimal fade and a gentle turn. This makes the PA-5 an excellent choice for straight putts with a soft finish, reducing the likelihood of rolling far past the basket on missed putts. Its ability to hold a line with little effort makes it a staple in the bags of players who value precision and consistency.

Performance in Play

On the course, the 300 Soft PA-5 shines with its ability to perform consistently under pressure. Whether it’s a nerve-racking putt in a tight tournament round or a casual game with friends, this disc offers a confidence boost with its dependable flight and soft landing. Its softness is particularly advantageous in colder weather, where it retains more flexibility and provides a more consistent performance than harder discs.












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