Discmania S-line DD

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Why We Like Discmania S-line DD

  • Versatile Flight Path: With its 11/6/-3/2 flight rating, the Discmania S-line DD offers a dynamic range, excelling in hyzer flips, anhyzers, and rollers.
  • Comfortable Grip: The soft S-line plastic ensures a comfortable grip, making it a favorite among both backhand and forehand players.
  • Evolution with Play: The S-line plastic not only provides durability but also allows the disc to evolve its flight characteristics, potentially becoming a go-to disc for diverse situations.

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Discmania S-line DD: A Comprehensive Overview

The Ultimate Distance Driver for Dynamic Play

The Discmania S-line DD stands out as a remarkable distance driver in the world of disc golf. Designed for those who seek both control and distance in their throws, this disc caters to a wide range of players, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Unmatched Flight Characteristics

The S-line DD boasts impressive flight numbers with a speed of 11, glide of 6, turn of -3, and fade of 2. This combination ensures that the disc possesses more glide compared to most distance drivers, making it an excellent choice for achieving significant distance with lower effort. Its tendency to flip up when thrown hard and its predictable flight path liken it to a beat-in Wraith or a slower Discraft Hades, offering versatility and reliability in various playing conditions.

Design and Build

The Discmania S-line DD has a soft feel and is comfortable in the hand, especially for backhand throws. The slightly shallow inner rim may affect its suitability for forehands, depending on the player’s preference. It’s constructed with S-line plastic, known for its softness and durability, suggesting that the disc’s flight characteristics might evolve into a dependable understable distance driver or a long-distance roller over time.

Historical Significance and Approval

The Discmania DD, originally known as Hysteria, was first approved in 2008 and was Discmania’s inaugural distance driver. It was designed to provide control over long distances and excelled in accuracy for both hyzer and anhyzer shots. The new DD version was PDGA approved on June 5th, 2023, continuing the legacy with enhanced features and performance.

Technical Specifications

The new Discmania S-line DD has been meticulously crafted with a max weight of 176.0g, diameter of 21.2cm, height of 1.7cm, rim depth of 1.1cm, and rim thickness of 2.2cm. These dimensions contribute to its steady flight and reliability on the course.


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