• Discmania Active Premium Majesty


    Why We Like Discmania Active Premium Majesty

    • Versatile High-Speed Driver: With a speed rating of 13, the Majesty is perfect for players looking to add a versatile, high-speed driver to their collection.
    • Stable Yet Understable Traits: Offers a unique blend of stability with a touch of understable turn, ideal for experienced players.
    • Durable Premium Plastic: Constructed with high-quality Active Premium plastic, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Discmania Active Premium Mentor – Special Edition


    Why We Like Discmania Active Premium Mentor – Special Edition

    1. Superior Flight Performance: Its balanced speed, glide, turn, and fade make it a versatile choice for various playing conditions.
    2. High-Quality Material: The premium plastic not only ensures longevity but also provides an excellent grip, making it a reliable disc in diverse weather conditions.
    3. Unique Aesthetic Appeal: The special edition design stands out on the course, making it a prized possession for both play and collection.
  • Discmania Active Premium Genius


    Why we like the Discmania Active Premium Genius

    • Versatile Flight Path: It’s perfect for beginners and those needing a disc that covers various shots.
    • Enhanced Durability: The Active premium plastic ensures a longer life, withstanding regular play.
    • Optimal Control: With its balanced speed and glide, the Genius offers great control, making it a reliable choice for various playing conditions.