Ace ProFlex

  • Prodigy Ace ProFlex P Model S


    Why we like Prodigy Ace Line P Model S ProFlex Plastic

    • Superior Glide and Stability: Offers unmatched glide and consistent flight for optimal performance.
    • Enhanced Grip and Feel: The ProFlex plastic provides a comfortable and secure grip in various weather conditions.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: Comes in a range of vibrant colors, making it a visually appealing choice for players.

    In conclusion, the Prodigy Ace Line P Model S in ProFlex Plastic is a versatile and reliable putter designed to enhance your game. Whether you are aiming for accuracy in your putts or consistency in your approaches, this disc promises to be an indispensable part of your disc golf arsenal.

  • Prodigy Ace ProFlex F Model S


    Why we like Ace ProFlex F Model S

    • Exceptional Durability: Made with high-quality ProFlex plastic that withstands frequent use and maintains performance.
    • Stable and Predictable Flight: Provides an excellent balance of speed and control, ideal for accurate, consistent throws.
    • Adaptable for Multiple Play Styles: Its flight characteristics make it suitable for a variety of shots, enhancing its value to any disc golfer’s bag.

    The Ace ProFlex F Model S represents a fusion of performance, durability, and versatility. This fairway driver is designed to meet the demands of modern disc golf, providing players with the confidence to tackle any course. Whether you’re playing a casual round with friends or competing in a tournament, the F Model S is engineered to improve your performance and help you play your best.

  • Prodigy Ace ProFlex D Model S


    Why we like Ace ProFlex D Model S

    • Highly Durable: The robust ProFlex plastic ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear.
    • Stable and Predictable Flight: Perfect for players who appreciate consistency and control in their drives.
    • Versatile Use: Excellent for a wide range of playing styles and conditions, making it a reliable choice in any disc golf arsenal.

    The Ace ProFlex D Model S stands out as a fundamental tool for serious disc golf players. With its blend of stability, control, and versatility, it promises to improve your game by providing dependable flights and the ability to tackle any course with confidence. Whether you are aiming to refine your driving skills or simply need a trustworthy driver in your bag, the D Model S is the answer.

  • Prodigy Ace ProFlex D Model OS


    Why we like Ace ProFlex D Model OS

    • Superior Control in Wind: Handles windy conditions with ease, offering a stable flight and predictable fade.
    • High-Speed Performance: With a speed rating of 13, it’s perfect for players looking to maximize distance without sacrificing accuracy.
    • Durable ProFlex Plastic: Ensures longevity and consistent performance, maintaining quality through frequent and rigorous use.

    The Ace ProFlex D Model OS is an essential disc for serious players aiming to elevate their game in challenging conditions. Its robust build and stability make it a reliable choice for achieving distance and precision, providing an edge in competitive play. Whether you’re facing a breezy day on the course or need a go-to driver that won’t let you down, the D Model OS stands ready to deliver performance you can count on.