• Prodigy 350G PA-5


    Why we like Prodigy PA-5 350G Plastic

    • Precision and Control: Ideal for players who prioritize accuracy in their putting game.
    • Superior Material: The 350G Plastic provides a perfect balance of grip and firmness.
    • Versatile Performance: Excels in various playing conditions, ensuring reliability and consistency.

    In summary, the Prodigy PA-5 in 350G Plastic is a top choice for disc golfers looking to elevate their game with a putter that combines advanced material technology, optimal flight characteristics, and ergonomic design for superior performance on the course.

  • Prodigy 350G M4


    Why we like Prodigy 350G M4

    • Superior Grip: The 350G plastic provides excellent grip, enhancing control and confidence in every throw.
    • Balanced Flight Dynamics: Offers a stable flight with just enough turn for manageable fades and precise shot shaping.
    • High Versatility: Effective for a wide range of shots, making it a staple midrange disc for players of all skill levels.

    In summary, the Prodigy 350G M4 is a standout midrange disc that combines dependable performance with exceptional control and versatility. Whether you are playing a technical course or open field, the M4 adapts to your needs, helping to improve your accuracy and consistency on the course. It’s a disc that promises to elevate your game and become a favorite in your collection.

  • Prodigy 350G PA-3


    Why we like Prodigy 350G PA-3

    • Superior Grip: The 350G plastic not only lasts longer but also provides a dependable grip that performs well in various weather conditions.
    • Consistent Flight Path: Predictable and stable, the PA-3’s flight characteristics make it an essential in any disc golfer’s bag.
    • Versatile Use: Perfect for putts, approaches, and even short drives, this putter has the versatility to tackle multiple challenges on the course.

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