Hi! I’m Jonathan Björkskog, a long-time beginner in the world of disc golf, playing mostly for fun with friends. My favorite discs include the KastaPlast Reko (Softy), Clash Discs Soda, and Streamline Neutron Lift. If you ever have to think about which disc to throw, throw a Reko or a Soda. With a background in marketing, I handle the tech and marketing aspects at the FullFlight Store, bringing a digital edge to our disc golf community.

On the course, my strategy is playing it safe, especially at the start of a round. I excel in unpredictable courses that require a lot of luck and putting under pressure, but find challenges in long-distance throws. Each game is a new learning experience, and I’m here for both the fun and the growth that disc golf offers!

Quote: “If you want to find water on Mars, bring a Star Destroyer. It will land in water regardless of where you throw it”.

Jonathan Björkskog: FullFlight Store Co-founder & Tech-Marketing Guy

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