Herman has steadily become a notable figure in the local disc golf circles, recognized for his thoughtful and conservative style of play. He embodies a philosophy of precision and calm, consistently choosing well-rehearsed techniques and strategic course management over flamboyance.

His approach to the game is rooted in minimizing risks while strategically capitalizing on opportunities. Herman’s play is a lesson in patience and consistency; each throw is a calculated decision, aiming towards a specific goal. Unlike those who pursue the adrenaline of experimentation, Herman finds his satisfaction in mastering the art of accuracy and tactical planning. He turns each game into a disciplined pursuit of the perfect, reliable throw, earning him the respect and admiration of fellow players who appreciate finesse and steadfastness in the sport of disc golf.

Favorite discs: Zero Medium Keystone, Md1, ESP Zone, Proton Tesla, ESP Hades

Herrman Mård, Co-founder at FullFlight

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