Hello! I am Daniel. I tried disc golf for the first time in 2014, but I started playing more regularly, along with many others, during the pandemic in 2020. I am the CEO of Fullflight, and my main focus in the company is to ensure that everyone shares the same vision and goals. Additionally, I make sure that all of our very competent owners and workers have the right tools to do their jobs in the best possible way.

In the disc golf circles, I am mostly known for my lack of patience and for never playing it safe! I am working on discing down and playing more safely since I’ve noticed that by doing so, my game improves drastically! But where is the fun in that?

Quote: “If there is a slight chance that you can get there in one throw, go for it!”

My favorite putter is a new one for this season, and I am going to use the PA-3. For approaches, I love the Z-plastic Zone, and the Hex is my favorite midrange. Since I don’t have the arm speed that I would like, I throw the Soda a lot; it is understable enough for me to get the full flight out of it. In the wind, I use the Cookie; it’s a very reliable fairway driver for my arm speed. My favorite distance driver is the Star Wraith.

Daniel Sundkvist: Fullflight Co-founder & CEO

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