Discmania Hard Exo Logic


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Discmania Hard Exo Logic is perfect for approaching the basket!

Putt & Approach discs are often the most important disc in your bag for improving your results.

All pro’s have several putters and approach discs. But putt & approach discs are very well suited for beginners as well.

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Discmania Hard Exo Logic: A putt & approach disc in disc golf is tailored for precision and control, particularly during the final throws towards the basket or when navigating through the shorter, more technical segments of a course. Unlike distance drivers, which are designed for maximum distance, or mid-range discs that offer a balance between distance and accuracy, putt & approach discs emphasize accuracy and a predictable flight path.

These discs typically have a rounded edge, which not only makes them comfortable to grip but also provides a stable and straight flight, making them less likely to veer off course. They are also generally slower and have less glide, which affords players better control over their throws, especially at closer ranges.

Putt & approach discs are indispensable for players looking to improve their short game, offering a reliable tool for both sinking putts and making accurate approaches. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual player, having a trusty putt & approach disc in your bag is a key element for success on the course.

With a putter you’re comfortable with, it’s possible to improve your results with several throws and, as it’s often said, the putter is most important disc in your bag.


Black, Blue, Grå, Grön, Gul, Halloween, Kirkas, Kulta/Tumma Liila, Liila, Liila/Valkoinen, Musta/Roosa, Muu, Orange, Other, Punainen/Harmaa, Red, Roosa, Svart/Röd, Turkos, Vaalean sininen, Vit


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