Prodigy 350G PA-3

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Why we like Prodigy 350G PA-3

  • Überlegener Grip: The 350G plastic not only lasts longer but also provides a dependable grip that performs well in various weather conditions.
  • Konsistente Flugbahn: Predictable and stable, the PA-3’s flight characteristics make it an essential in any disc golfer’s bag.
  • Vielseitig einsetzbar: Perfect for putts, approaches, and even short drives, this putter has the versatility to tackle multiple challenges on the course.

SEO-optimized for “Prodigy 350G PA-3,” this description should help the product stand out in search engines, attracting both the seasoned disc golfer looking for a reliable putter and the beginner who needs a forgiving yet professional-grade disc.

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Prodigy 350G PA-3: Precision Meets Professional Play

The Prodigy 350G PA-3 is a prime example of what a professional-level disc golf putter should embody. Its meticulous design and superior material blend ensure a blend of reliability, consistency, and performance that caters to both seasoned players and ambitious newcomers. This comprehensive review will delve into the specific attributes of the 350G PA-3, explaining why it stands out in the crowded field of disc golf putters.

Design and Material Quality

The Prodigy 350G PA-3 is crafted from the high-quality 350G series plastic, renowned for its exceptional grip and durability. The slightly stiff texture provides a substantial feel in the hand, making it easier to control and release with precision. The plastic is tough enough to withstand the usual wear and tear of regular play, ensuring that the disc maintains its flight characteristics over time.


With flight ratings of 3, 3, 0, 1, the 350G PA-3 exhibits a balanced and predictable flight path. The speed (3) is ideal for controlled, precise throws that demand accuracy rather than distance. A glide rating of 3 ensures that the disc holds its loft well through the air, making it a reliable choice for putts and short approaches. The zero turn indicates that the disc will fly straight with minimal rightward drift (for RHBH throws), and a fade of 1 gives it a gentle left finish as it slows down, perfect for nailing those crucial putts.

Leistung im Spiel

The Prodigy 350G PA-3 shines in its consistency. Whether it’s a high-pressure putt or a technical approach, this disc behaves predictably. Its design minimizes wind interference, making it a solid choice for all weather conditions. The 350G plastic ensures that players have maximum control over their throw, providing just enough grip to release confidently without fear of slippage.


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